Simon Saldarriaga - Pet Portrait Painting

Simon Saldarriaga

Growing up among a family of animal-loving artists, it was inevitable that pet portraiture would one day become Simon’s passion and calling.

Born in Medellin, Colombia, Simon was raised in the city but spent many weekends at his family’s fincas (traditional Colombian farms) where animals were center stage in his developing artistic mind. At 16, he moved to a small artisan lake village in Mexico, Valle de Bravo, to study art alongside his uncle, a globally renowned artist. Simon spent the next 2 years studying and working with his uncle. He followed that up with a brief stint at ULA (Latin American University) in their Graphic Design Program. That comparison in art forms was what Simon needed to realize that fine art was where his heart and soul lived. After further deliberation in 2000, he took his next big step and moved to Barcelona, Spain to further his studies in fine art at Universidad La Eina and La Lotxa.

Simon Saldarriaga - Bio

Outliving several of his favorite four legged buddies throughout his life, it occurred to him that by painting them, they would remain with him forever. In 2004, he painted Ambar, his yellow labrador. Shortly after, requests for pet portraits from friends and family came pouring in. Word of mouth spread quickly, and he soon realized he had a unique talent for capturing the essence of these four legged creatures on canvas.

Simon’s natural ability to connect with the spirit of his subjects, both in person and in photo, coupled with his realistic/ surrealistic painting style, manifests itself in stunning, remarkably accurate paintings of our treasured pets. Dogs truly are and always have been, Simon’s best friends. Share your “best friend” with Simon and he will create the finest portrait to memorialize their essence for centuries to come.

Note: Today Simon lives in Beverly Hills, CA. with his wife, three young boys and two dogs.